Positive Distraction: Alphonso Gee

In the mist of the troubling moments surrounding Paterson, New Jersey they still manage to move forward in the best positive ways possible.

This past Friday I attended Rosa Parks High School to watch the play ” HAM ” written by historic writer Langston Hughes and it was a very uptempo & enjoyable play. One of the actors in the play is John F. Kennedy high school point guard Alphonso Gee Who had an exceptional year last season for the John F. Kennedy High School Knights Basketball team. Alphonso led the team to the finals of their county tournament and to the state sectional semi-finals. He averaged 22.4 ppg and has surpassed the 1000 point career total as only a sophomore.

Not only is Alphonso won player of the year for the JFK Knight, he also is a young man of many talents who brings smiles to the faces of those who follow him on social media & in person. Alphonso’s role in the play this past Friday was played as Gilbert and he was a perfect fit for that role and also played another role showing off his dance moves in one of the scenes during the play. ( the crowed was enjoying every moment of it lol )

Now, even though Alphonso is very young he is full of spirit, positive energy & very talented at all the things he does to keep a smile on peoples faces. In moments like this paterson, New Jersey must keep their eyes on more positive young people such as the gentleman Alphonso Gee who gives his city something positive and entertaining to look forward to. I myself will be keeping an eye out on this young man because he is the future and he is doing what he is suppose to be doing right now to insure he becomes something bigger in the future.

spread Peace always,

Joe V.




So much controversy is going on in the NBA right about the recent actions of racial remarks from Owner of the LA Clippers Donald Sterling which was made to his ex girlfriend who is half black about not bringing black people to the LA Clipper games including Legendary Basketball Player Magic Johnson. The remarks that were made by Sterling was found on on a phone recording by his now ex girlfriend that has now surfaced to the public. NBA commissioner Adam Silver sanctioned Sterling from the Clippers & the NBA for life because of his remarks. We took the time out to get the thoughts of a few people with our new segment ” WORDS FROM THE PEOPLE ” on the subject matter. This segment is not a full length show but it is still as powerful as our regular talk show. Please state your comments as well in the comment box below on what you thought of todays segment as well at the subject matter at hand.

spread PEACE always,

Joe V!



Todays show touches on a strong topic that many can share their opinion on. A lot of the people we chose to speak about this topic had very good points and i am sure the rest of you that will watch will have your own as well. The reason of this topic being brought up is that fact that i myself joe v felt that bringing up the conversation about the black culture on how we view it, where we stand in the black culture and how we can make things better. From entertainment, social media & day to day education in the class room along with social issues that we face in the black culture. So here it is, the state of black america. I hope that you enjoy it and it opens your mind on what is at hand in the state of black america.

peace always,



I have spent a year and some change to figure out or should I say to dip into several things of artistic crafts and I have come to realize that I have been running away from what I love most. Broadcasting the truth and speaking to people about things that are not just relevant but what matters to the people is important to me. The voice of the people matters especially when all they have is social networks because some people are either afraid or scared to speak on what’s on their mind for more than 140 characters. My main objective is to be a broadcast journalist documenting everything of importance to me and those I see fit that has something that needs to be heard to the people in our generation and many generations after. Journalism is a art form of living a help freeing people’s minds by allowing them to think for themselves while speaking how they feel about what’s going on in our world. I am here to help take journalism to the next level and just give people good vibes and realness whenever I am seen and speaking on this show and other platforms that I will touch. This is my calling, this is my passion, it took me awhile to figure that out even when I do have so many ideas. I have to hone one craft which will open the door for the rest of the god given gifts that I have. And her I stand at 23 years old, ready to help change the world one voice at a time…

- sincerely yours,

Joe V!

Positive Distraction: Imani O’blige Creator of Dirty Tuesday

Being a positive Distraction is upon many things that distract from the negative. When i chose to interview Imani Oblige it was because she took an idea of something in her everyday life and made it her own, coming from a negative city with so many negative surroundings she wanted to build something pure from the ground up the others could look forward too. I, myself being into fashion i wanted to get to know her a little bit on how and why she came about the brand and name ” Dirty Tuesday “. I admire those who create something out of nothing. So, with style and grace Imani Oblige breifly gives us some words of how she got started with her OWN online boutique store.


Four years ago we elected a human being who was fit for leading this country when it was in its darkest hours and lack of faith into what will be next for our country after having George Bush for a leader. Now, I’m not slandering George Bush because he has some positives in his run as president. Eight years of George Bush to mess up everything some people would say but to now have 8 years to clean up the mess with new and elected president Barack Obama there are many things we must do in order to maintain the changes that are necessary between the government and the citizens. WE ARE A TEAM, that’s why its the United Stated of America, the word UNITED should be into play as much as it is shown in our creed of U.S citizens. Barack Obama has made history twice now, being the first black president and being re-elected as a black president. My thoughts about him being our president once again is all in great thought and i am proud to him as our president again, not because he is black or African American. But for the fact that he is the perfect person, human being for the job of being our nations leader. Being black is and will also be an issue and a gift because ethic background is highly looked at since the 50′s and if those people could see this now they would be shocked and i always wondered what Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would be saying or thinking when this day had came. So many people believe in this president so much and people in the past who have had an impact on this nation have foreseen this as well, telling people that a black or African American will be president. Me as a young 22 year old witnessing this in my time gives me full confidence that whatever i want to do with my life i can make it happen because Barack Obama did and not just that but the fact that he did it his way. I believe and it is a known fact that  President Obama has been the most necessary president of our time, he has done more than become a president.

Positive Distraction: The Musical sound, information of two artist’s by the name of BrandNew Jersey & LoMax

Greetings all, this time around i got a chance to speak with local artist from my home state of New Jersey and got to know two artist’s by the name of BrandNew Jersey & LoMax. We took our interview outside during the nice weather and i asked both artist some questions on who they are as artist, what do their names mean, how they view hip hop and what could they bring to the table as up and coming artists in this new hip hop era of music.  I am a very avid listener of hip hop music and just music in general, so i hope you all enjoy what these two have to say about why they do what they do. Also during this interview i got to hear a freestyle by both artists and i enjoyed it, hope you do too. Be well & take care. – Joe V!


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